SQL Backup Simulator

The folks over on the SQL Server support team have done it again. They saw a need for a tool to aid in troubleshooting, they wrote it, and have released it on Codeplex. This latest offering helps you troubleshoot issues with SQL Server backups and restores using 3rd party utilities.

I have to say I am pretty excited about this one. At work we are very compartmentalized and I have zero access to the backup software/servers. Whenever SQL backups fail, it can sometimes lead to finger pointing and confusion in deciding if it is SQL server or the backup application at fault. Luckily our 3rd party backup app does write a pretty verbose log to the local file system so I can sometimes look through that and get a good idea of where the issue occurred and why. However sometimes I look at the log and it is just complete gibberish and I have no choice but to throw up the white flag.

Enter SQL Server Backup Simulator. With this new tool I will be able to simulate taking backups and performing restores using sqlvdi.dll just like those 3rd party applications do. This tool was just released so I can’t say just how helpful it will be but I am hopeful that this will be another great tool to add to my toolbox. It will be great if I can use this to eliminate any issues on the SQL Server side so less time is wasted going back and forth. If the issue turns out to be SQL Server it looks like the tool will provide some good information about the sqlvdi.dll versions and errors.

The SQL Server Backup Simulator can be downloaded from Codeplex. If you have used to tool please let me know. I would love to hear how it worked for you.


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